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In this specific video training course, you’re going to learn how to design, develop, and sell premium WordPress themes. We’re going to cover everything from start to finish.


From the start of the idea – through brainstorming, through researching your market, to designing the layout, to developing it, to finding people that can do this, and of course – selling your premium WordPress themes.


So there are going to be two different avenues here, and I made sure that we have two different options because I can see how some of you might go one route and some of you might go another route.


Now, when you’re designing WordPress themes, you can go either way.

For example:


Option 1. If you’ve done your research on Google, you’ve tried to find a WordPresstheme that you really want, but you can’t find that perfect theme for your business. I’m going to show you how to get it designed, get it created, and then that way you have a perfect theme for your business or your client.


So this is more of a route that you can take, it’s a lot easier but it requires a little more setup and technical knowledge of WordPress.


Option 2. This avenue here is if you want to build a premium WordPress theme with a backend administrator control panel that allows the user to tweak the design without having any knowledge whatsoever of WordPress. I’m going to show you how to do that.


So I assume that the majority of you want to learn how to build a premium WordPress theme with the control panel, but I know some of you who have WordPress technical knowledge just want to get it up and running fast.


If you can do all that legwork, you can go with Option 1. Now who is this for? I want to make sure that you understand clearly who this video training course was made for. This is made for anybody. You don’t have to know anything aboutWordPress programming or coding, but if you want to learn WordPress coding and php and all the technical stuff – this may not be for you.


But, if you don’t have any technical background whatsoever and you want to learn how to create a viable WordPress theme business – then this is for you.


So with that said, let’s talk about mindset. I want to make sure that you understand clearly what this video training course is all about. Not only that, but if you can understand that this is a real business – it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme and it does take some work. It’s going to take some time to actually get this developed, but in the end you’ll profit well because it’s a very profitable industry to get into.


But it will take some work. If you have that kind of mindset and you’re willing to preserver, and you have the will to move forward, then this is for you. So are you ready?


I want to talk now about the video overview so you have an idea of all the videos in this video training course. How all of the pieces of the puzzle are supposed to fit together so you know exactly what to expect, and when you’re going to begin to implement the whole process. The system is actually going to be a lot faster so let’s talk about it!


This is the introduction to WordPress theme creation – Video 1.


Video 2. – We’re going to talk about different types of themes. Why creating niche specific themes are the best way to identify your market. We’re going to do some research on demographics, research on your competitors, and just go through your planning process to make sure your WordPress theme is profitable. The worst case scenario is that you jump right in, you get something designed, you try to sell it and it just doesn’t sell!


So you’ve got to know who your audience is. Just like this video course – my audience in this video training course are anybody who wants to learn how to do this – not necessarily the coding.


Video 3. – We’re going to talk about planning your layout for WordPress. So I’m going to show you how different markets have different layouts, and I’m going to show you different WordPress only layout examples. I’m going to show you layouts that won’t work for WordPress, so you have an idea of what’s working and what doesn’t work.


Video 4. – We’re going to talk about designing your layout for WordPress.

Video 4. – We’re going to show you how to create a mock-up design or mock layout so you can get that converted to WordPress. I’m actually going to show you a template that we designed, and we’re going to take that design and find people to convert it to WordPress. Then you’re going see step-by-step, how we go from designing this layout to actually developing a WordPress theme. So you get to see every single step.


Video 5. – This is optional, but we’re going to show you how to find Photoshop or psd WordPress theme designers to do the work for you. In other words, converting the psd into WordPress. I’m actually going to show you where to go to find expert WordPress theme Photoshop designers. How sift through designers and separate the good ones from the bad ones. If you can understand how to outsource certain projects, this is a very important skill that you’re going use repeatedly throughout this video course.


Option 1. – Video 6. – This route is basically going to give you the option of getting experts to chop your Photoshop theme and turn it into a basic WordPress theme. so if you go through Option 1, basically all you do is take the psd, convert it to WordPress – get somebody else to do this of course, but from this point on, you have to know WordPress. You have to know how to set things up.


So this Option 1 is great if you’re dealing with local, offline businesses and you’re doing all the setup for them.


Option 2. – On the other hand, is good for an online business. They buy the theme from you, and then they have the ability to tweak the design. Tweak this and that, and they have only a little limitation in the layout but they can add video; they can add a slider; they can do whatever you have built into the control panel.


So this is a route that I assume a majority of you want to go, and want to learn how to do. I spent about a month trying to figure out the best route to take for Option 2 so you get to learn from my time and experience – all in less than a few hours.


Video 7. – We’regoing to have the option of getting experts to create custom control panels.





Video 8. – I’m going to show you how to create a premium theme specification list. Basically the features and the expectations, so before you get something developed, you need to have an idea of the end product.

In the layout itself, what should be the features? Should somebody be able to insert their logo here? Or maybe their company name text if they don’t have a logo?


Should there be a slider? Should there be a video? Basically – what kind of features do you want to add your custom control panel?


Video 9. – We’re going to talk about how to find WordPress experts to integrate custom control panels into your theme. This is basically outsourcing to WordPress experts that can do the work for you, and you’re going to need some money to do this.


Video 10. – After you go to a site, created a project description – how to sift and choose the right WordPress experts?


Video 11. – I’m going to show you how to write an NDA – that’s a “non-disclosure” document to protect your premium WordPress theme asset.


Video 12. – I’m going to show you how to do some quality assurance testing to make sure that your theme is going to work. That it has no bugs whatsoever, because once you launch your theme it would be the worst case scenario to have your theme have a ton of bugs. You’re going to get a lot of support requests, and you’re going to get overwhelmed and possibly quit. So I want to make sure that we eliminate as much trouble as possible.


Video 13. – I’m going to how to brand and package your themes.


Video 14. – I’m going to show you different angles of selling your WordPress themes.


Video 15. – We’re going to talk about sales copy writing 101.


Video 16. – We’re going to talk about where you can market your themes.



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