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Learn how to automate and speed up your web development.

All Levels,  –   Video: 3.5 hours,  29 lectures 

Average rating 4.7/5 (4.7)

Course requirements:

A basic understanding of JavaScript (very basic!)
A computer you can add software to

Course description:

If you’re a website developer, or you’re just getting started with web development, this course is for you.

In this course you’re going to learn how to speed up and automate website development with gulp. Gulp is a task runner that automates the boring, repetitive, and time consuming things that website developers (like you!) do dozens of times a day.

With gulp, you can do more of the work you love (making websites) and less of the work you hate (reloading your browser, checking your code for errors, combining/minifying your files).

When you’re done this course:

You’ll be able to instantly see the changes you made to your site without refreshing your browser.
You’ll become a professional developer that concatenates and minifies their JavaScript and CSS, speeding up your websites.
You’ll never have to worry about handling CSS vendor prefixes.
You are going to understand why tooling and workflow are just as important as knowing HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

This sounds too advanced for me!

I promise, it’s not. If you know how to create a JavaScript function, and you’ve built anything using HTML/CSS or JavaScript, you know enough.

In this course, I walk you through the basics of getting setup, step by step. I’m also available on Udemy to answer any of my students questions.

Full details
You’ll learn how to setup any Gulp Plugin you want
You’ll learn how professional developers create their websites
You’ll be able to create better software, faster
If you build websites, you need to know gulp!


“This was a very useful and informative course. The instructor is clear and the material is easy to follow. I had plenty of opportunities during the course to successfully troubleshoot my way out of a few errors and I come away with a better understanding of how Gulp works. Exactly what I was hoping to accomplish! Thanks Andrew!” (David Papineau)

“Great samples easy to follow” (Hang Wang)

“Awesome course! Waiting ahead for more courses from the instructor.
Thank you!” (Ilia Svinin)



About Instructor:

Andrew Mead

Hey! I’m Andrew, a full-stack developer living in beautiful Philadelphia!
I launched my first Udemy course in 2014 and had a blast teaching and helping others! Since then, I’ve launched 3 courses with over 13,000 students and over 460 5-star reviews.
I currently teach Node, Gulp, and React!
Before I ever heard about Udemy or thought about teaching, I created a web app development company. I’ve helped companies of all sizes launch production web applications to their customers. I’ve had the honor of working with awesome companies like Siemens, Mixergy, and Parkloco.
I have a Computer Science degree from Temple University, and I’ve been programming for just over a decade!
I love creating, programming, launching, learning, and teaching! I can’t wait to see you inside one of my courses!

Instructor Other Courses:

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