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A short version of c++ mobile optimized video training with example

All Levels,  –   Video: 44 mins,  10 lectures 

Average rating 3.7/5 (3.7)

Course requirements:

Eclipse (available for free)
GCC (available for free)

Course description:

NOT a complete training, this is only the glimpse of complete training to get the idea of quality of lectures.

Sharp and to the point talk on C++ programming for beginners!

Let’s start the journey from installing c++ and an IDE (Eclipse) to the complete c++ 11th version.

C++ is an Object oriented programming language that can be used to create modern desktop software, game development or even critical system drivers too. You will find out that most trading applications are designed in C++ because in trading speed is money. When we get into the game development, c++ programming is hard to avoid if you want to create a fantastic and popular game.

In this entire c++ video series, we start from installing gcc on our system. After gcc, we will install Eclipse which is a cross platform IDE because most efficient programmers don’t develop things on notepad. And yes, we don’t like to talk about here and there so expect pure c++ programming guide with everything explained code by code and that too practically.

We are in no hurry, so we will start from Basics of Hello World in c++ and further moving to data types, variables and their scope. Further, we will look deep into the different operations that can be performed like arithmetic, logical, assignment. No programming is complete without looking into the conditional programming and loops, so we will look into IF, Else, while loop, do while loop and for loop with examples.

Then we will take a practical look into the code syntax of Object oriented programming like Classes, objects, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation. These are the most common terms of programming along functions that will be explained with examples. We don’t expect anything to be explained without presenting a code example.

We will configure environment for c++ 11 and will take a look into most common difference introduced in c++ 11.

Full details
Make you comfortable for c++ terms and eclipse programming
Learn c++ 11
Object oriented programming
game developers
interested in c++ programming


“Way too easy! Good course for newcomers but this was too boring for me.” (Aaron Henfling)

“Great class. The instructor walks you through everything and explains it well. A++ class” (Mirko Cukich)

“I was expecting more but maybe my expectations where too high. It was a good starter for beginners.” (Bella Cloe)



About Instructor:

Igneus Technologies

We at Igneus have trained students from IIT’s, NIT’s and reputed companies. Students from all over the globe have trusted our High quality and affordable trainings from 10+ countries and have opted for our Certification programs.
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Igneus stands for the Revolutionary and a quality enhanced change in every aspect of its touch to internet. Quality dealing with every new technology makes us different from the crowd of internet. The revolution of choice continues. Today Igneus Technologies is the world’s most trusted provider of mentioned services and training along with web security aspects, and open source technology.

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C++ lite edition, Glimpse for beginners
C++ lite edition, Glimpse for beginners course coupon
C++ lite edition, Glimpse for beginners coupon