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A guide to get you up and running with Redis and to introduce intermediate topics like cluster, security, and sentinel.

All Levels,  –   Video: 1.5 hours,  10 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5)

Course requirements:

Basic understanding of programming concepts (I use Java in examples)
Basic understanding of command line and beginner commands like navigating file structure and grep

Course description:

Redis is a powerful NoSQL database that is quickly becoming one of the most used and most popular options for NoSQL databases. Redis offers an easy to use interface, great documentation, and a wealth of clients to integrate within your application. 

Getting Started with Redis provides fundamental topics of Redis, installation of Redis, and also provides a demo of how to create a Redis Cluster and to make your Redis configuration highly available. 

Whether you are new to application development or are a seasoned professional, a database is going to almost always be necessary. Getting Started with Redis will demonstrate why Redis is perfect for the task. 

By the end of the course, you will understand the fundamentals of Redis and you’ll have an introduction to intermediate Redis concepts like Redis Security, Redis Cluster, and Redis Sentinel. 

Full details
Install Redis on their own machine or in a production environment
Understand the different Redis data types and how to use them
Start writing code that integrates with Redis
Create a Redis cluster
Create a highly available Redis

Full details
This Redis course is meant for beginners who are not familiar with Redis or have only scratched the surface of its capabilities. The last few sections around Cluster, Security, and Sentinel are intermediate courses intended for those wanting to delve deeper into Redis.


“really basic. good for the people knowing nothing about Redis.” (Hao Wang)

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About Instructor:

Ethan Ballinger

Howdy, I’m Ethan.
I’m from Texas and currently live in the Dallas area. I went to a small high school that didn’t offer computer science, so my first introduction to it was in college. I had registered to study electrical engineering until the speaker at my orientation canceled and was replaced by a computer engineering graduate. That 60 minutes changed my life and I’ve had a passion for software development ever since.
While pursuing my degree, I had internships in the telecom and defense industries. Upon finishing my degree I ultimately decided to enter into IT consulting at Credera, because of the promise of working on challenging project across many different industries. While at Credera, I’ve specialized in building out REST and SOAP web services, 3rd party vendor integration, and open source architecture.
I enjoy explaining what I’ve learned and showing others how it can benefit them. I hope my lectures help you in some way and are as easy to follow as I intend them to be. Have fun and feel free to shoot me a question!

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