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A guide to understanding, accessing, and writing a RESTful web service.

Intermediate Level,  –   Video: 4.5 hours Other: 7 mins,  50 lectures 

Average rating 4.2/5 (4.2)

Course requirements:

Fair knowledge of Java
Eclipse IDE
Java SE 8
Java EE 7
Knowledge of XML/JSON

Course description:

Update:  REST/MySQL Example in Section 8

Update: JavaFX to REST Example in Section 7

Update: Apache Tomcat, Including SSL, Authorization, and Authentication, Appendix IV

This course walks the student through general web service concepts, then focuses on RESTful web services. We will write both a service and clients, process JSON and XML, and test using cURL.

This course covers the following topics:

Web Service Concepts
Calling a Web Service
Writing a Web Service
Processing XML/JSON
Using the xjc Schema Compiler
Using cURL

Authentication & Authorization
JavaFX to REST Example
Apache Tomcat and CXF

The application server initially used is GlassFish since GF is the reference implementation for Java EE.  Section 8 covers the above topics using Apache Tomcat and CXF as the application server.

The environment used for this course includes:

Java SE 8
Java EE 7
Eclipse IDE
Apache Tomcat

Please see the free videos in my ‘Java EE – The Basics’ course for help with installing the above.

Full details
Understand Web Service Concepts
Write a REST Client in Java
Write a RESTful Web Service in Java
Use Authentication & Authorization

Full details
Developers with a Java background


“This is my first time, I have taken up a course on Udemy.
As everyone does, I too had expectations, to understand and do things practically.
There is one step missing – To get the glassfish server download,hope that would be also included or if I missed,I apologize
Instructor voice makes me listen to his instructions, clearly without confusion.
Thanks a lot Sir.” (Ajay Chowdary Kandula)

“Knowing Java previously I was hoping to learn all I needed to know about creating Web Services in Java and so far my expectations have been exceeded. Excellent course, really well worth it.” (Fella)

“Instructor could be a bit more talkative, otherwise very good.” (Oliver McRobbie)



About Instructor:

Taylor Corey

I have 25+ years experience in software development. Seven years with embedded systems and 18 years in the object oriented industry. Companies include banking, finance, telecom, and a product vendor. Jobs ranged from gathering requirements and turning them into working software, to mentoring others learning OO programming and design. I currently reside in the southeast United States near Research Triangle Park, NC.

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