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Learn how to properly turn your WordPress blog into a successful business. Also learn new plugins and tricks!

Beginner Level,  –   Video: 34 mins Other: 2 mins,  15 lectures 

Average rating 3.9/5 (3.9)

Course requirements:

A Windows or OS X computer

Course description:

In this course, students will learn how to correctly target a “niche” for their WordPress site and install advertisements on the site. This course is for anyone with a WordPress Blog who wants to maximize profit and turn their blog into a passive income business. The course includes video lectures on installing various plugins, and also includes several valuable PDFs teaching students what to market their blog as and additional methods of monetization. Taking this course will allow students to reach maximum potential with their WordPress Blog.

Learning how to properly write and install essential plugins can skyrocket your WordPress blog into becoming a well known, high quality, dollar earning blog. These tips and tricks are guaranteed to send your blog traffic through the roof. Using these tips and tricks, I sent my Adsense revenue up 5 times the regular clicks and impressions.

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Use affiliate marketing
Using promotion to get traffic
Get promotion through social networking
Use email lists to make money
No programming knowledge needed
WordPress users looking to make money using WordPress
Users confused about advertising


“Not worth the money. This course wasn’t even about starting on WordPress. It was a little about that, mostly blogging. Nothing completed a full circle of lesson. Started out decent, but didn’t completely explain what it was someone learning would need to know to completely know to complete the task they were viewing. It seemed as though anything having to do with WP was all about pushing the plug-ins. Makes you wonder if this was more of an affiliate sell on the instructors part. It seemed rushed and not thought out very well. For crying out loud, he went over the same lesson on Twitter twice (trying to fill in the gaps?). This was not the same quality of any Udemy course I have taken so far and the first time I have felt compelled to give a review because I feel it should serve as a warning if it cannot be improved upon. I am trying not to e too harsh, but overall this course was not one I would recommend. Sorry.” (GORDANA GAVRILOVIC-ARCURI)

“Needs more content” (Abdo Hosny)

“For beginners , its a good course” (Jafarhashmi)



About Instructor:

Lowry Brooks

Lowry Brooks is a tech enthusiast who loves teaching about technology and does so through TechThresh, which provides the latest news and how to’s on technology.
Lowry specifically enjoys writing about Blogging, WordPress, and his favorite, the Mobile World. In his spare time, he develops small websites and applications for businesses, and enjoys learning about anything related to web design and development. His main focus is to teach students how to grow a passive income through technological skills used in the modern day economy. Through these skills, students can become more competitive in the workforce and further their educational achievements, along with build a passive income.
Throughout his youth he learned computer programming and this has drove home his passion to teach everyone about technology and it’s uses to better our lives.

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