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Game development made easy. Learn practical examples to improve how your game feels and make it more fun for the player.

All Levels,  –   Video: 4 hours Other: 0 mins,  29 lectures 

Average rating 4.6/5 (4.6)

Course requirements:

Mac or PC capable of running Unity 3D
A copy of Unity 5.3 available for free from unity3d.com

Course description:

In this course we will take a simple 2D action platformer and you will learn a variety of techniques such as how to add screenshake, how to make damage seem persistant, the importance of player action feedback and much more, all to improve how your game feels to players and learn practical example of how to implement them in your games.

The course will be taught using Unity3D but these same principles and methods can be used in any system of development you choose. After completing the course you will also be given another starter project to apply the lessons learned throughout the course yourself, and see the effect these techniques can have in different game types.

Whether you are a beginner looking to expand your development knowledge or are just looking for ways to help make your game more fun to play, this course will help you gain a greater understanding of the importance of game feel.

Start learning today and let me help you become a game developer!

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Enhance their game’s design
Understand what makes gameplay fun to the player
Learn simple techniques that will make their games more exciting
Beginners looking to learn more about game development
Anyone who wants to learn how to improve their gameplay
People interested in working in the game design industy.
Please who want to create and publish their own games.


“The course content is very well designed and the explanation is excellent. I learn a lot of techniques.
The only thing it is missing is fullHD videos.” (Etienne Leite Gomide)

“Great course, Thanks for everything. Hope you have more series!” (Jean Dezonia)

“This is a solid course with useful tips on making a platformer/shooter game better. All of the gameplay tips seem to be pulled directly from Jan Willem Nijman’s talk, “The Art of Screenshake.” (search on youtube if you’re interested, it’s a fantastic talk).
In this course, James breaks down each improvement to show you how to do it in Unity. I found the content easy to follow and will be using these techniques in my own games. Overall, I enjoyed this course, definitely recommend.” (Christine Brownell)



About Instructor:

James Doyle

Hi, I’m James. I have helped thousands of people learn how to develop their own games in Unity, and whether you’re a first-time developer, or need to refresh your skills, I can help you learn to make the games you want to make.
With a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a background working in independent game development, I have been helping others to create their own games and release them on multiple platforms.
I believe in helping you learn by teaching code in context, so rather than having to memorize a bunch of stuff you’ve never seen before, you learn how each coding concept can be applied to real working problems in your games.
I can’t wait to help you learn all about making your own games and how to make them a success.
So why not start learning to make games with me now?
See you soon!

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Improve Your Game Design With Better Gameplay
Improve Your Game Design With Better Gameplay course coupon
Improve Your Game Design With Better Gameplay coupon