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An intensely practical, comprehensive and quirky look at JavaFX and Swing. Instructors are ex-Google, Stanford.

Intermediate Level,  –   Video: 10.5 hours,  47 lectures 

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Course requirements:

Programming expertise at the level of a Programming 101 Class, preferably in Java.

Course description:

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Java
Taught by a Stanford-educated, ex-Googler, husband-wife team
Hundreds of lines of source code with hundreds of lines of code – just download and open in your IDE

A definitive guide to JavaFX, and a comprehensive guide to Swing are packed into this intensely practical, quirky guide to building awesome UIs in Java

Let’s parse that.

This course is a definitive guide to JavaFX: every important part of the framework is covered in great detail, with sophisticated examples and context
The course is a comprehensive guide to Swing: you will be able to build sophisticated, clean Swing apps, and employ every important technique.
The course is intensely practical, packed with dozens of examples and hundreds of lines of included source code.
The course is also quirky. The examples are irreverent. Lots of little touches: repetition, zooming out so we remember the big picture, active learning with plenty of quizzes. There’s also a peppy soundtrack, and art – all shown by studies to improve cognition and recall.

What’s Covered:

JavaFX: JavaFX as the evolutionary successor of Swing; Javascript and CSS support; FXML and SceneBuilder; how FXML and Dependency Injection work; zippy synching with Properties and Bindings; 3D Animations; 2D Animations (Transitions and Timelines); Charting – for the first time in Java; Media support, and building a real Media Player; Image handling and animated GIF construction; multi-threading in JavaFX; plus all the standard stuff: menus, trees, browser controls;

Swing: Framework basics; JFrames, JPanels and JComponents; Menus and menu handling; Trees and their nuances; File choosers, buttons, browser controls

Design: The MVC Paradigm, Observer and Command Design Patterns; Dependency Injection via FXML

Programming Drills (code-alongs, with source code included)

A News Curation app to summarise newspaper articles into a concise email snippet
Animated GIF generation, using Java Image libraries as well multi-threading support
A fully fledged Media Player to play MP3 and MP4 files; complex wiring up of UI elements to make sure the little details (volume control, position sliders) work right
2D Animations to rival those available in Powerpoint and other presentation software
3D Animations including moving cameras, rotation and transition of 3D shapes
Bubble Charts and Tables to represent revenue, market valuation and growth of a set of companies – a business app as good as Excel
Javascript and CSS examples that show how these incredibly powerful tools can be used inside a Java UI app
SceneBuilder and FXML support, so that design and implementation can be divvied up between designers and software engineers

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Full details
Build sophisticated user interfaces in Java, both in JavaFX and in Swing
Use menus, trees, buttons, tables and all the important standard UI-building techniques – both in JavaFX and in Swing
Use Scenebuilder and FXML to effortlessly create UIs using dependency injection
Blur the lines between web and app development by using JavaScript and CSS
Build business apps with charts and tables that rival spreadsheets like MS-Excel
Leverage the power of Properties and Bindings to get the little details right
Build 3D animations in JavaFX
Use JavaFX Media support – build an entire, fully functional media player, and also know the limits of Java media capabilities
Understand the MVC paradigm and the observer and command patterns that underpin virtually all modern UI frameworks

Full details
Yep! UI engineers looking for a definitive resource on JavaFX, the future of Java UI programming
Yep! UI engineers looking for a comprehensive first-principles guide to Swing, the most popular UI programming framework right now
Yep! Back-end engineers seeking a one-stop-shop course for building awesome front-ends
Nope! This course is not right for you


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About Instructor:

Loony Corn

Loonycorn is us, Janani Ravi, Vitthal Srinivasan, Swetha Kolalapudi and Navdeep Singh. Between the four of us, we have studied at Stanford, IIM Ahmedabad, the IITs and have spent years (decades, actually) working in tech, in the Bay Area, New York, Singapore and Bangalore.
Janani: 7 years at Google (New York, Singapore); Studied at Stanford; also worked at Flipkart and Microsoft
Vitthal: Also Google (Singapore) and studied at Stanford; Flipkart, Credit Suisse and INSEAD too
Swetha: Early Flipkart employee, IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Madras alum
Navdeep: longtime Flipkart employee too, and IIT Guwahati alum
We think we might have hit upon a neat way of teaching complicated tech courses in a funny, practical, engaging way, which is why we are so excited to be here on Udemy!
We hope you will try our offerings, and think you’ll like them 🙂

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From 0 to 1: JavaFX and Swing for Awesome Java UIs
From 0 to 1: JavaFX and Swing for Awesome Java UIs course coupon
From 0 to 1: JavaFX and Swing for Awesome Java UIs coupon