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Learn to solve business problems with sharepoint

Beginner Level,  –   Video: 3 hours,  40 lectures 

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Course requirements:

Access to sharepoint : We’ll cover this on the course
Office 365 Free Trial

Course description:

Share point is an amazing platform that is used by a lot of fortune 100 companies to create collaborative projects and develop

solutions to address various business issues.

There are two primary versions of SharePoint that practically do most things alike. There is the SharePoint server 2016 which is the latest stable version and Share point online which comes bundled with office 365 and accessed via a subscription based model. In this course we will be using the SharePoint online version for simplicity so we can be up  running quickly with the course.

We will create user accounts and also a site collection and lots more stuff. 
There is a lot you can do with SharePoint . You can create multiple websites with SharePoint,collaborate and store various documents types in SharePoint.  Share-point can be used to develop applications that compliments Microsoft office products.

 SharePoint Server 2016, is normally installed on severs in your organization, but it could be installed on servers that your organization has in the cloud. This version of SharePoint, though, normally installed on physical servers that your organization owns, is also referred to as SharePoint on premises on prem. While share point online is mainly installed remotely or in the cloud on Microsoft data centers which have high bandwidth to improve performance.
You can use site groups in share point to assign permissions to various sites or portals.This makes administration easier

What You will learn include:

What is share point
How to create a trial office 365 account
How to create user accounts
How to create share point site collection
How differentiate between SharePoint versions
Sharepoint Glossary
Sharepoint Browser support
Sharepoint collaboration
Administer user accounts

This course is a practical video based course and i encourage you to follow along .

Thank you and welcome to the course

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What is Sharepoint
Create office 365 trial account
Access Sharepoint online
Create user accounts
Create Sharepoint site collection
Learn Share point Common Glossary
Understand SharePoint versions

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About Instructor:

Bluelime Learning Solutions

Bluelime is UK based and creates quality easy to understand eLearning solutions .All our courses are 100% video based. We teach hands –on- examples that teach real life skills .
Bluelime has engaged in various types of projects for fortune 500 companies and understands what is required to prepare students with the relevant skills they need.

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